• We have been hard at work finalizing site-specific project details, securing permits and ensuring the fulfillment of the project's Design Goals.
  • Design Team

    MVVA, Inc. is a landscape architecture firm that has a history of creating sustainable and experientially rich places.

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  • Arch Design GoalsDesign Goals

    Inspired by the 10 design goals, the CityArchRiver initiative is a project of national significance.

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St. Louis Arch PlanningProcess

CityArchRiver began as an international design competition organized by national park supporters, the design community and business and civic leadership from Missouri and Illinois.  The National Park Service provided the framework for change through its Fall 2009 General Management Plan.

The competition commenced in December 2009 and presented the opportunity of a lifetime for architects and designers to take one of America’s first urban national park sites and weave it into the fabric of the St. Louis region and both sides of the Mississippi River. Integral to the competition was the achievement of a balance between new ideas and the retention of the character-defining features of the site. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates was announced as the winning team on September 21, 2010.

Now that construction has started on the project, all partners remain hard at work finalizing project details and ensuring the fulfillment of the project’s Design Goals.